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Pitney - Bowes Relay 1000

The Relay 1000 inserting system will quickly fold, stuff and seal your envelopes. Sending invoices, statements, letters and promotions is critical to your business, however, folding paper and stuffing envelopes by hand is an unnecessary waste of time and resources. The Relay 1000 provides consistent, accurate, and dependable results. This compact system is designed to take the labor out of your hands and help maximize your time and space. By automating your mailings, you’ll be able to spend your time building your business and delivering value to your customers.  Don’t just meet your goals, exceed them.

The Relay 1000 inserting system will:

   Add Productivity: Automating mail folding and inserting saves time.

   Ensure Accuracy: Eliminate costly delays  in mailing due to manual errors.

   Easy to use out of the box operation: Plug it in, load your materials and you’re ready to produce.

   Provides flexible processing: Invoices, statements, letters, promotions and other correspondence are folded,

   inserted and securely sealed in envelopes, ready for mailing.

   Offer Versatility: Automatically fold and insert up to two letter or legal sized sheets into a #10 envelope.

   Drive sales: Add a promotional insert or reply envelope to your communications to help grow your business.

   Save time and reduce the need for manual labor: Our system processes 15 pieces per minute and is six times

   faster than manual processing.

   Speed cash flow: Invoices get out faster. That means that your payments come back to you sooner.